Commercial Property
Management Services

Our decades of expertise ensure you're covered with the systems and procedures necessary to improve operations, control costs and maintain accurate records.


We work directly with you to understand your goals, develop custom solutions and reduce unnecessary costs.


We proactively seek opportunities to maximize your building's life and operational efficiency, using our trusted network of reliable contractors to execute repairs with energy and cost savings. It all starts with a customized plan tailored specifically for your business.


Our team prepares your budgets, financial reports and ensure you maximize your bottom line while thinking strategically about your account to prepare for the future.

Realacorp takes care of everything to do with Lease Preparation, including handling negotiations for clients who are signing a new lease, assignments, or renewing an existing lease.

We take special care in capturing the most accurate written records of all actions taken during proceedings between members, recording any actions taken, decisions made, and responsibility assignments. We provide this information to those who could not attend.

We make use of our vast network of trusted trades to ensure the highest quality of work for the lowest cost of every building maintenance need

We keep records of everything from property tax records, inspection records, maintenance updates, insurance policies, marketing information and so on.

Our team ensures absolute adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications regarding tenant screening, tax payments, property codes and so on.

Our team’s decades long expertise in property management ensures we can help you tally up your assets and determine profitability through overall appraisals

We protect your investments by ensuring no emergency maintenance issue is missed, no matter what time of day – ensuring long term property damage is minimized.

Over our decades in business, we have amassed a network of trusted and talented trades workers who will take care of your property at a reasonable cost.

We conduct regular, thorough, routine building inspections to ensure consistently happy tenants. Lack of routine inspections often result in wasted time, money and deteriorating assets. Our routine inspections reduce surprise emergencies, frequent equipment breakage and tenant complaints.

We take care of all the day-to-day responsibilities, including responding to maintenance requests, checking e-mails, following up with previous requests, working with technicians, approving invoices, reviewing inspection reports, and overall problem solving.

We ensure top notch quality of work whenever work on the building is conducted.

Building maintenance includes cleaning common areas, removing trash regularly, and repairing broken items. Routine maintenance involves regular inspections, repair and maintenance of vital systems like electrical, heating, air conditioning and other utilities

An accurate budget is crucial to the success of your property. We prepare budgets to ensure we are prepared for future income and expenses, allowing optimal growth decisions.

Cash flow management is how you plan for the future to ensure your investment remains profitable and stable.

Capital planning is the annual process of budgeting for resources.

We prepare monthly property management reports that detail financial performance.

Our team of expert accountants manage assets, income, and expenses- from receiving rent payments to handling vendor invoices. Keeping precise data is vital for tax season and optimal decision making.

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